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End-to-end thinker, coffee enthusiast & product visionary

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Sonali Loomba

About Me

Hi! I'm Sonali and I am a junior at UC Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

As a software engineer and aspiring product manager, I am passionate about intersecting technology and communication to design products that directly impact the world at large. By analyzing data, understanding user needs, and crafting end-to-end applications, I strive to find innovative solutions that create better human experiences. To do so, I am constantly learning and improving both my technical and soft skills. Being a part of a diverse set of campus organizations like TEDxBerkeley, UCB Azaad Hindi Fusion Dance Team, and Kappa Alpha Theta, gives me the opportunity to explore my varied interests and expand my horizons. When I'm not learning a new skill or on an adventure with my friends, you can find me dancing, drinking a cup of coffee, or browsing Buzzfeed.

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